White paper highlights growing demand for mobile technology in further education

By Victoria Wilson

A white paper from Capita published today underlines the increasingly important role of mobile technology in further education for attracting, retaining and motivating students to achieve.

Produced in conjunction with colleges and experts from the FE sector, the ‘Greater achievement in the palm of their hands’ white paper looks at the real benefits of incorporating mobile technology into further education. It also offers examples of how mobile solutions are helping colleges and employers to better support students’ progress.

One of the contributors to the white paper, Jeremy Sheen, director of information at King Edward VI College,Stourbridge said: “As a further education college, if you don’t get information onto mobile platforms you are in trouble, in my view. It is the students that are driving this – we know we simply can’t communicate effectively with them in the old ways anymore.”

The advantages of putting mobile solutions in the hands of staff was explored too, as Neil McMonagle, vice principal of Portsmouth College, explains: “There is so much potential in having mobile enabled kit in the hands of all your staff as they are not constrained by being at their desk in order to enter or access information. This enables very swift interventions to nip things in the bud as they happen.”

The white paper underlines the need for FE colleges to embed mobile technology into their strategy for engaging with students, staff, employers, and parents to help improve recruitment, retention and achievement.  

Nigel Rayner, director of Capita’s further and higher education business, said: “Students have grown up in a highly connected world and expect to be able to access information and communicate using their smartphone and tablet.

“But embracing mobile technology is not just about giving students and staff the latest piece of kit, or letting them use their own devices in class. The white paper demonstrates the major benefits for further education colleges and employers in harnessing the power of mobile communication – to recruit more students, support them more effectively through their studies and improve their results.”

To download a copy of the ‘Greater achievement in the palm of their hands’ white paper, please visit www.capita-fhe.co.uk/greaterachievement


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