Welcome to the new Capita FHE website

By Victoria Wilson

Hello everyone and welcome to our new website

We’re very happy you’ve found us, and we hope you enjoy having a look around the new format, structure and style of Capita Further and Higher Education’s window to the world.

Every organisation, whether public or private sector, has similar reasons for redeveloping their platform and goes through the same throes of agony and excitement in the long road to presenting a new website. Whether it is to update the design, improve the user experience or reshape content, the objective is usually to ensure the website satisfies the customers’ needs and expectations. And it’s no different for us.

  • Firstly, the refined content and contemporary design allow for a clear focus on our industry-leading suite of solutions: Advantage. The greater emphasis placed on showcasing Advantage demonstrates our commitment to helping the FE sector adopt these technologies.
  • The new website has been created with a ‘mobile first’ approach. Responsive design means you can view it on any smartphone, tablet and desktop device, just like Advantage.
  • An improved user interface (UI) delivers a happier user experience (UX) by getting users where they want to be more quickly and easily.
  • It’s streamlined and to-the-point content allows for key details to pop off the page..
  • Our videos feature heavily on this new website helping us demonstrate how our Advantage solutions can work in the hands of students, staff and parents. You should find the videos quicker to play making it easier for you to watch what you need and discover more about our solutions.
  • We’ve created a dedicated section for the many types of content we create: Resources. Here you can read about the strength of our solutions straight from our customers in one of the many case studies. As well as these, there’s news, event listings and reviews, and blogs – just like this one. With everything in one place, we hope you can keep abreast of what Capita FHE is up to and hear more from our customers more often and more easily.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the new website, so please get in touch with your comments and suggestions. We’ve created the site with you in mind, so we want to make sure it works for you. You can email enquiries@capita.co.uk or jump over to the Contact us page and fill in the form.