A warm welcome to our newest family member

By Karen Reece

Newcastle College Group (NCG) has recently joined the expanding UNIT-e family. NCG Corporation, the largest college group in the UK, became a customer following a competitive tender process and Capita Further and Higher Education (FHE) is very excited to be working with them to deliver the systems they need to continue ensuring the success of the group.

UNIT-e management information system (MIS) was chosen because it gives the individual colleges the flexibility to operate in their communities, with their own brand, while allowing the group to have visibility of the college’s performance.  It also enables management to report centrally on the group as a whole, and all from one database.  UNIT-e MIS is hosted in the Cloud allowing maximum flexibility for NCG to evolve and grow their businesses, as additional colleges are on-boarded. 

The UNIT-e MIS makes use of our Advantage suite of products, and these will be central to sharing key performance data directly with learners, staff and management alike, in real time, when and where they want it.

As a result of the FE sector’s Area Reviews, Capita FHE believes the propensity for more colleges to merge into groups will grow, where the consolidation of systems without compromising the local college brand, will drive greater levels of efficiency, flexibility and long-term cost savings, but not at the expense of local control.  

The Capita FHE team is looking forward to a long partnership and seeing the successes working together with NCG can bring.

Find out more by visiting www.capita-fhe.co.uk/unit-e and www.ncgrp.co.uk.


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