New Capita mobile solution offers college staff a simple tool to improve student retention and achievement

By Victoria Wilson

Capita has developed a new mobile solution to enable FE college staff to raise student attainment by sharing live data between staff, students and parents.

Developed in partnership with colleges, the Staff Advantage solution provides a role-specific dashboard of live, real-time information that teaching or non-teaching staff can access and update simply, via a tablet or web browser. In a few swipes, staff can keep track of a student’s grades and attendance and communicate with students and parents directly, helping them to ensure young people complete their courses and achieve the best possible grades.

Helen Dennis, director of marketing and information at Bilborough Sixth Form College, said: “We are seeing an increase in the use of mobile technology across the college. It is easy to foresee the use of mobile becoming pivotal in the drive to ensure students get the help they need from our staff to succeed – from enrolment through to results – as they become increasingly aware of the power of having information at their fingertips.

“Staff Advantage puts the individual using the information in the driving seat, placing information in front of them that is relevant so that they no longer need to explore our computer systems to find what they want, whether they are directors of faculty, teaching staff or tutors. Having information accessible in this way, college staff are better able to focus on those areas that are most in need of their attention. Action can then be taken early to keep students on track.”

The software allows teaching staff to create and mark assignments, view and update attendance registers and even keep an eye on their students’ punctuality from whichever device they choose. They can use the app to send students their latest grades or respond quickly and easily to messages from parents too, whether they are working inside college or from home.

Nigel Rayner, director of Capita’s further and higher education business, said: “Keeping students engaged and motivated is essential to ensuring that they make good progress and achieve the qualifications and skills they need to succeed in their chosen careers. Designed specifically for the further education sector, Staff Advantage is the only solution available that puts the live information needed to do just that straight into the hands of college staff.”

Staff Advantage is part of Capita’s Advantage range, a suite of solutions than enables colleges to deliver better educational outcomes by enabling your staff, students and parents to collaborate more effectively. Delivered as a suite of mobile, tablet and desktop solutions, Advantage improves engagement, giving colleges the edge in today’s competitive education sector.

Other solutions in the range include:

  • Student Advantage – allows you to engage with your students in a way that suits them, using their smartphone. Providing students with all the information they need to support their studies and enjoy college life goes a long way to helping them remain on track.
  • Parent Advantage – unlocks the potential of a collaborative relationship by enabling parents to become more engaged in the student’s learning.
  • Management Advantage – helps managers make better decisions by delivering real-time information directly to their tablet or desktop.
  • Funding Advantage – a free app designed to help college leaders calculate the funding implications of any course quickly and easily.

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