Privacy policy

We take care to protect the privacy of customers and users of This privacy policy explains how we collect, store and use data about you.


During normal use of we collect and store statistical information to analyse how parts of this website are used.

We also use cookie data to display online advertisements based on your past activity on this website. These advertisements will appear on third party websites including Google.

This data relates to activity on our website only. It is anonymous and contains no personally identifiable data about you. For more information - including how to opt out, see our cookies page.

Web beacons

Emails we send you may use web beacons (single, invisible 1x1 pixel images that are downloaded when emails are opened). The web beacon itself does not contain any personal data but allows us to monitor whether emails have been correctly received, opened and clicked on, and to improve the overall email experience we provide. By signing up to our newsletter or other email communications, you agree to give us your permission to do this.

Personal data you submit

On certain pages within this website you have the option to submit personal information to us so that we might send you further information or email alerts. These pages will provide explanations as to how this information is used.

Third parties

We will not disclose any personal information we collect about you to a third party without your consent. In connection with any application, request or enquiry you make, your information will be passed directly to the relevant contact within the company.

By submitting your personal information through this website, you are consenting to it being processed by Capita Further and Higher Education in the manner described above.

Further information

If you have submitted personal information through this website and wish us to cease using it for the purposes described above, please contact