Student Advantage Keeping students on track, motivated and achieving

Student Advantage allows your college to engage with your students in a way that suits them best – via their smartphone

Why use Student Advantage?

Engaging with students in a way that suits them will go a long way to keeping your learners on track, motivated and achieving.

Communicate with learners on their smartphone and tablet

With 88% of 16-24 year olds now owning a smartphone and over 50% having a tablet, now more than ever is the perfect time for your college to engage with learners in a convenient way for them.

Engage with your learners

Student Advantage provides students with all the information they need to support their studies. They can collaborate more easily with their teaching staff and other students, keeping them motivated and on track to success

Empower your learners

Encourage your students to take greater responsibility for their own progress. Student Advantage helps keep them focused, increases student retention and boosts attainment.

Stay connected

Students can monitor details such as their timetables, attendance and punctuality, assessment details, performance, grades and messages enabling them to keep on top of their own learning and progress.

What are the benefits of Student Advantage?

Providing easy-to-access information and encouraging great engagement will go a long way to helping your students remain on track and improving their results.


Improves engagement with your entire learner community


Improves student motivation and attainment


Faster and more convenient access to vital learner information


Faster and more convenient access to vital student information

The Advantage suite delivers your college its very own mobile messaging tool - The Message Centre.

A simple and intuitive communication tool, The Message Centre enables your students to engage more effectively with their teachers, support staff and each other, in a way that suits everyone best: via multiple channels including their smartphone, tablet device or desktop.

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What are the features of Student Advantage?

Harnessing the power of mobile technology to deliver your college with the benefits of the smartphone revolution

  • ‌.Allows access to critical student information at any time and from anywhere, including timetables, courses, deadlines, exam dates, attendance, punctuality and messages from tutors
  • ‌.Students can monitor their performance statistics throughout the progress of an individual course or their entire time at your institution
  • ‌.Easily enables reflective learning at the touch of a button with the ‘Reflections’ function
  • ‌.A messaging app allows students to engage directly with learners, parents and other staff at the touch of a button
  • ‌.Students are able to view and contribute to their own action plans quickly and easily
  • ‌.It’s personal: all data is personalised to the learner’s individual needs and preferences

We are seeing an increase in the use of mobile technology across the college. It is easy to foresee the use of mobile becoming pivotal in the drive to ensure our students get the help they need to succeed.

Helen Dennis, Director of Marketing and Information at Bilborough Sixth Form College