Staff Advantage Empowering your staff to help your students succeed

Staff Advantage enables your institution to improve student achievement by allowing all academic, management and support staff to engage more with your students and key data to deliver better results

What can Staff Advantage do for you?

Teaching is becoming increasingly data driven and staff are stretched more than ever. Staff Advantage empowers your staff with key academic data to help your students excel.

Helps your teachers spend more time teaching

With quick and easy access to view and update live information, your staff spend less time on administrative tasks, assessments and tracking, and more time doing what they do best - teaching.

Empowers your staff

Academic and support staff have easy access to real-time information. Staff can monitor student progress allowing them to identify small problems before they have time to grow into bigger issues.

Enables your students to excel

With up-to-date and accurate data, increased communication and better engagement, staff can deliver each student with a more personalised learning experience helping them to reach their potential.

Improves communication in your institution

Easy for staff to communicate with students, parents and each other. Regular communication improves engagement and helps your students remain on track and improve their results.

What are the benefits of Staff Advantage?

Staff Advantage gives your college the leading edge in an increasingly competitive sector


Improves achievement with a more personalised learning experience


Improves retention by enabling staff to spot students at risk of dropping out early on


Improves engagement between staff, students and parents


Faster and easier access to all vital information, wherever and whenever required

Improving communications with The Message Centre

The Advantage suite delivers your college its very own mobile messaging tool: The Message Centre.

A simple and intuitive communication tool, The Message Centre enables staff to better engage with their students, other staff and parents in a way that suits everyone best – via their mobile, tablet device or desktop.

By facilitating greater engagement between those who have an interest in a student’s learning, The Message Centre helps your institution improve retention by keeping your staff informed, reducing the risk of students dropping out and ensuring they stay on track to achieving.

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What are the features of Staff Advantage?

Personalised to each user and displaying live data that’s only relevant to them, Staff Advantage acts as a one-stop shop for the information staff need on a daily basis

  • ‌.Easy access to information from your mobile, tablet and desktop
  • ‌.View and update live registers, attendance and punctuality information
  • ‌.Dashboard with live information for schedules, timetables, registers, attendance records, overdue assignments and more
  • ‌.Personalised to each individual user and displays unique data to them
  • ‌.Look up all timetables relating to courses, groups and streams
  • ‌.Create and mark assignments
  • ‌.View exam entries and results
  • ‌.Facility to conduct a complete, stage-based process with the Staff Advantage Workflow tool
  • ‌.The Message Centre provides a unique messaging tool enabling staff, students and parents communicate effectively and efficiently

Staff Advantage puts the information user in the driving seat, placing information in front of them that is relevant. Having information accessible in this way, college staff are better able to focus on those areas that are most in need of their attention. Action can then be taken early to keep students on track.

Helen Dennis, Director of Marketing and Information. Bilborough Sixth Form College