Parent Advantage for colleges Engaging parents with their child’s learning ensures more positive outcomes

Parent Advantage unlocks the potential of collaborative relationships between colleges and parents

Why use Parent Advantage?

Increased levels of parental engagement deliver better results for students and their sixth form or FE college.

Keeping students on track

A simple word or two from parents is sometimes all that is needed to keep students on track to completing their course and achieving their goals. With Parent Advantage, parents can easily become more engaged in their child’s performance in a way that suits them, via a tablet or desktop.

Placing you ahead of the competition

Parent Advantage ensures that parental involvement and support continues into further education helping your college to deliver better results, improve your college’s reputation and become an increasingly attractive destination for students.

No extra effort for improved results

Parent Advantage is integrated with your college’s core management information system (MIS) so there is no need for additional data entry and administration. Your college saves staff time, expenses and mass paper mailings.

Impress Ofsted

Parent Advantage is a major contributor when preparing for a successful Ofsted inspection. Real-time data to your students’ parents along with the improved quality of information, advice and guidance means the benefits of Parent Advantage are clear to see.

What are the benefits and features of Parent Advantage?

  • ‌.Improves levels of engagement and strengthens your college’s relationships with parents
  • ‌.Increases student motivation while learning
  • ‌.Improves student monitoring, resulting in increased retention and improved achievement rates
  • ‌.Provides a competitive advantage helping you to contend with school sixth forms and placing you ahead of other FE colleges
  • ‌.Improves parent satisfaction with increased quality and frequency of communications and information
  • ‌.Enables faster responses and resolutions to parent enquiries
  • ‌.Reduces administration and contact time by allowing parents to ‘self serve’
  • ‌.Saves time, money and administrative tasks by removing the need for mass printed mailings to stakeholders

Parents love it! We’re in an information age and parents love to know what their kids are up to, and this is a way they can keep tabs on whether the student is attending, whether they’re not, and if not, why they’re attending

Helen Dennis, Director of Marketing and Information at Bilborough Sixth Form College