Management Advantage Better decisions, better results

Management Advantage helps college managers make better informed decisions to improve college outcomes and increase success

Why use Management Advantage?

Your college managers will have the real-time access to the critical information they need to make better informed decisions wherever and whenever needed.

Information to empower

Management Advantage enables users to visualise performance and trends, and recognise risks early. Small problems can be identified before they have the chance to grow into bigger issues keeping your college on track to achieve better results.

Right time and place for information

Developed for desktops and tablets, Management Advantage frees managers from piles of reports. They can access a complete range of reports no matter where they are, meaning they will have vital data while attending one-to-one meetings, governor meetings or during statutory visits

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Drill down to the detail

Management Advantage summarises complex information in a simple to use dashboard allowing college managers to monitor detailed data, get to the bottom of problems earlier and to identify any trends.

Get the best results

With real-time access to easy-to-digest data, managers will spend less time searching through data and more time doing what they do best: making important decisions to enable your college to succeed.

What are the features and benefits of Management Advantage?

With college-critical data at your fingertips whenever and wherever needed, you’re equipped with the right tools at the right time to make informed decisions for improved outcomes. Manages performance, keeps stakeholders informed and increases efficiencies

  • ‌.Manages performance, keeps stakeholders informed and improves efficiencies
  • ‌.Delivers answers to important questions when you need them to help you make better informed decisions
  • ‌.Summarises information so you don’t have to
  • ‌.Saves considerable time for managers
  • ‌.Personalised, individual dashboards present only the data that’s relevant to you
  • ‌.Access data in real-time and from a single location, removing disparate data sources
  • ‌.Apply filters to data to focus on specific areas of interest and zoom in to selected areas of charts
  • ‌.Drills down to the underlying, more detailed data from high-level headline numbers

Management InSight

As an additional module, InSight* allows you to delve into your data held within Individual Learner Records (ILR) to reveal informative patterns of demographics, recruitment, retention, achievement and destinations.

*InSight is a separate, costed product and does not form part of the standard Management Advantage solution.

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We are seeing an increase in the use of mobile technology across the college. It is easy to foresee the use of mobile becoming pivotal in the drive to ensure our students get the help they need to succeed.

Helen Dennis, Director of Marketing and Information at Bilborough Sixth Form College